• Oct

    Time: 3:00 pm

    Location: North and South Campus

    The idea behind Fifteen Days of Caring is that for 15 days, students all over the country will practice random acts of kindness. This is a school-wide activity.

    The first 5 days, students are encouraged to work together to promote kindness around the school. The next 5 days the school will promote kindness throughout the community. The final 5 days the school and community are encouraged to work together and promote kindness in the world.

    Each classroom will be responsible for contributing specific baked goods and with money to purchase sweets. Each item will be from $1-5 dollars Please see your child’s teacher for more details.

    Ositos = muffins

    Mapaches = muffins

    Mariposas = brownies

    Ardillas = cookies

    Tortugas = cakes

    Buhos = banana nut bread

    Jirafas = flan or cakes