29 Nov

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The Jewish Outlook

The Austin Eco Bilingual School is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, and every year it continues to offer an impressive set of early childhood learning standards. Equal parts serene and vibrant, AEBS is a Spanish Immersion school serving kids ages 3 months through 1st grade.

Adriana Rodriguez, Head of School at AEBS shares that her aim is to create ethical leaders with a strong sense of civic responsibility, who will go on to the best universities in the world and become successful leaders. That may sound like a lot for an early learning center to aim for, but it seems they’re on the right track. Says Rodrigues, “We have students who graduate from our school and go on to excel in whatever school setting they’re placed in, whether it’s private or public.”

Adriana is a self-professed lifelong learner, and that’s propelled the success of her school. The methodology behind her thriving school is using the International Baccalaureate as the framework for the curriculum, and the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching as the modality for learning. This two-pronged approach to teaching is why her school has been named Newsweek’s “The Best Accredited International Schools” two years running, 2016-2017.

Only a handful of schools are IB accredited, and even fewer are utilizing the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching, which focuses on building meaningful relationships with the natural world. Also, AEBS is a NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited school.

It’s a priority for Adriana and the school to focus not only on academic success, but also setting young children on a path to be good stewards of the community. In her experience as Head of School, she places a high priority on keeping the curriculum balanced, which is why her school is different than others. While the school focuses on teaching core subjects through several modalities of learning, it also looks at each student as a unique person, not someone to simply be fed information daily.

Adriana wants her students to explore, ask questions, and learn in a way that makes sense to their style of learning. Teaching is one thing, but finding the right teachers is another. Adriana shares that a collaboration between teachers and students is paramount, and she’s committed to hiring educators who teach the students on a global level.

That said, most her staff are from multicultural backgrounds, making diversity and tolerance part of the students’ everyday experience.

Adriana is excited to see what the next 10 years brings for her students and the Austin community, and she’s honored to be a part of it.

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