• ~Austin Eco Bilingual IB School~


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    We are so ecstatic to share with you that we are an International Baccalaurete authorized school around the globe, by offering the (PYP) Primary Programe. As an IB World School we have successfully completed an intensive, globally consistent process that enables us to deliver an outstanding IB education..

    As a result of our commitment with our school community is:

    -To the IB Phylosophy with a focus on international-mindedness

    -A rigorous, comprehensive curriculum encouraging student curiosity and inquiry

    -Teachers, leaders, and staff trained in the IB programme and philosophy

    -School leadership and administrative structures that serve its mission and support the IB programme

    -A comprehensive plan for implementation and sustainability of the IB programme.

    Our International School through the IB believes in and promotes the providing diverse, multicultural experiences to cultivate openness and an appreciation for different cultures. We believe this prepares children to successfully maneuver in a multilingual and multicultural world.

    As a result, our students benefit from a wide range of materials and various regional and global networking and engagement opportunities.

    Sister School -

    Austin Eco Bilingual School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • ~ Language Experience ~


    In order to achieve the desired levels of Spanish proficiency, children from Infant through age three must be fully immersed in the language as early as possible. Infants to children in Preschool are immersed in 100% Spanish. Once a child reaches four years of age, we begin to introduce 10% French and 10% Mandarin. Kindergarten through 4th grade is dual language 40% English and 40% Spanish with 10% French and 10% Mandarin.


    Language at early age by Howard Gardner and Adriana Rodriguez.



    -Working class community.

    -Promoting peer relationship.

    -Empower children through active learning experiences.

    -Learning though exploration and play.

    -Teachers roll in the child’s learning.

    -Children are in the age of discovery.

    -Teaching and learning in a diverse world.

    -Balancing needs and values in our children through philanthropy to improve world communities.

    -Integrate artisitic natural expressions.

    -Foster creative thinking, hard work, ethic and give sense of achivement.

    -Providing and environment as a third teacher surrounding to physical explorations to the Reggio Emilia Approach.

    -Our students are the protagonists of their own learning.

    -Inquiry-based learning is driven by children's thoughts through questions and personal interest.


  • ~ Austin Eco's Mission ~


    Austin Eco Bilingual Schools lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning by combining the benefits of multilingual and intercultural education, promoting international awareness. We strive to provide opportunities to reach the intrinsic and extrinsic educational potential of every student. We create global leaders who are compassionate learners and who engage, enlighten, empower and contribute to build a better world.


    IB Mission

    The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.


    Bilinguals have been proven to be smarter but most importantly they are more open and tolerant to different cultures and ways of thinking – Paula Bendfeidt Diaz.



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