• ~Jardín de Niños IB School~


    Jardín de Niños Interlingua International School offers the (PYP) Primary Programe, as an IB World School, delivering an outstanding IB education.

    Jardín de Niños Interlingua International School through the IB believes in and promotes the providing diverse, multicultural experiences to cultivate openness and an appreciation for different cultures. We believe this prepares children to successfully maneuver in a multilingual and multicultural world.

    As a resutl, our students benefit from a wide range of materials and various regional and global networking and engagement opportunities.

    Sister School -

    Austin Eco Bilingual School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • ~ Language Experience ~


    In order to achieve the desired levels of Spanish proficiency, children from Infant through age three must be fully immersed in the language as early as possible. Infants to children in Preschool are immersed in 100% Spanish. Once a child reaches four years of age, we begin to introduce 10% French and 10% Mandarin. Kindergarten through 4th grade is dual language 40% English and 40% Spanish with 10% French and 10% Mandarin.

    JDNI puts into practice many of the fundamental aspects of the work of Dewey, Bruner, Boyer, Loris Malaguzzi, Vygotsky, Howard Gardner  and many others. It is a system that lends itself to the role of collaboration among children, teachers and parents, to the co-construction of knowledge, to the interdependence of individual and social learning, and to the role of culture in understanding this interdependence.

     Dr Howard Gardner is the creator of the theory of the multiple intelligences which states that intelligence goes far beyond the traditional verbal/linguistic and logical/mathematical measurements.

  • ~ JDNI's Mission ~


    JDNI lays the groundwork for a life-long love of learning by combining the benefits of multilingual and intercultural education, promoting international awareness. We strive to provide opportunities to reach both the intrinsic and extrinsic educational potential of every student. We create global leaders who are compassionate learners and who engage, enlighten, empower and contribute to build a better world.



    Bilinguals have been proven to be smarter but most importantly they are more open and tolerant to different cultures and ways of thinking – Paula Bendfeidt Diaz.

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